Crushendo_album_art_3_largeI’ve recently had the opportunity to review the MPRE CrammerTones program from Crushendo, which is available at

I think, for some of you, it may be a very helpful (and affordable) resource to study for the MPRE.

The product is very straightforward.  After making your purchase, you download a ZIP file containing everything you need.

The ZIP file contains a thorough written outline of all the topics covered by the MPRE.  This alone will probably be worth the purchase price for many people.  The outline contains a lot of mnemonics, so if you like mnemonics, you will probably like this outline.

The ZIP file also contains two sets of audio files.  The first set contains a narrator reviewing the various topics of the MPRE so that you can study on-the-go.  Because each audio file — varying in length from 4-6 minutes — focuses on a specific topic, you can target your review to areas you are having the most trouble with.  The second set of audio files contains the same narrative portion, but also includes background instrumental music for more relaxed, passive review.

Here is how the Crushendo website summarizes what you get with the CrammerTones product:

Written outline. Though Crushendo is meant to liberate you from the library and get you out doing something you love, the audio comes with a written outline. You can read along during your first listen or anytime after.

Fifteen MP3s covering the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (MRPC), the Model Code of Judicial Conduct (MCJC), and key common law principles. Yes, these are downloadable. Once on your device, you won’t need the internet. You can literally prep to crush the MPRE atop a mountain in the middle of nowhere. The genius of everything broken into small MP3s has to do with chunking. Done right, chunking keeps everything in the right buckets in your brain, aiding recall.

CrammerTime. A quiz-mode MP3 that solidifies your grasp of key memory hooks. The perfect pre-exam refresher.

Based on my review of the CrammerTones product, I’d say that it should work for anyone, but would likely be most effective for audio learners or those who like to use audio to reinforce what they have learned by reading.

CrammerTones does not come with any sample multiple choice questions, so if you are looking for practice questions, you will not find them here except for the CrammerTime review which, as noted above, tests your recall of key memory hooks.

Crushendo offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can get your money back if you decide the CrammerTones program is not for you.

Limited-Time MPRE Discount!  Crushendo has set up a limited-time discount for my readers.  [Note:  I do NOT get a commission from Crushendo if you buy the product, so this is all savings directly to you.]  Now through November 3, 2017, you can get 70% off the regular price by using code BRXMIND70 at checkout.

Preorder Discount on UBE Materials.  Crushendo is also working on a UBE version of Crammer Tones.  I have not reviewed the UBE product, so cannot offer you my opinion about it, but Adam is offering my readers a 20% pre-order discount if they use code BRXMIND20 and order by January 1, 2018:

If you’ve tried the CrammerTones system, please leave a comment below with your opinion.

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