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This blog post is targeted to people who are still having trouble with their bar exam essays.

For those of you having trouble writing essays, I have numerous blog posts in addition to my How to Write Bar Exam Essays book available to help you.

If you been studying the law with consistency during the past couple of months, you should know enough black letter law by now to pass the bar exam. However, if you’re having trouble composing and structuring your essay responses, there is still time to get that part of the test figured out.

If you would like to read the blog posts I have written in the past, just review the posts under the Essay Study Tips category on my blog, which can be found here:

California Takers

For those of you taking the California bar exam, you have the additional option of BarIssues [video review link] and BarEssays [video review link].

In addition, I have recently learned that BarEssays now includes essay topic attack templates for your at no additional charge. Click Here for a Contracts attack template so you can see what you are getting.

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