Bar Exam Podcasts

This is the page where I link to all of my bar exam podcasts filled with tips and advice to help you on your way to passing the bar exam.

Please note that while there is a podcast, I have also  converted all the episodes into videos and embedded them in this site.

By clicking on the links below, you will be taken to the video and show notes for each episode.

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Episode 015 — The Lawyer Personality, the Bar Exam, and the Practice of Law

Episode 014 –Common Bar Exam Problems

Episode 013 — Bar Exam Computer Tune Up

Episode 012 — Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

[Audio Blog 10] Networking for Lawyers and Law Students

[Audio Blog 9] Catch the Success Virus

[Audio Blog 8] Overcoming Bar Exam Obstacles

Episode 011 — Default State of the Mind

[Audio Blog 7] Bar Exam Level Set

[Audio Blog 6] How to Avoid Bar Exam Burnout

[Audio Blog 5] Bar Exam Essay Advice

Episode 010 — Starting Bar Prep

[Audio Blog 4] Strategies & Tactics for the MBE — Book Review

[Audio Blog 3] Call of the Question for Bar Exam Essays

[Audio Blog 2] Evaluating Early MBE Scores

[Audio Blog 1] How to Silence Your Inner Critic

Episode 009 — Bar Exam Pep Talk

Episode 008 — Relive Law School to Prepare for the Bar Exam

Episode 007 — Two Weeks until the Bar Exam

Episode 006 — One Month until the Bar Exam

Episode 005 — MBE Study Strategy [new mic; much better sound quality!!]

Episode 004 — Bar Exam Memorization Techniques

Episode 003 — Bar Exam Test Day Tips

Episode 002 — Three Pillars of Bar Exam Passage

Episode 001 — Bar Exam Level Set