soldiers climbing log obstacle

Do you feel like you are facing obstacles to your goal of passing the bar exam?

Are you having a hard time motivating yourself to study for the bar exam?

Do you want to do something to overcome those obstacles?

This post provides some questions to ask yourself to help get past these blocks.

Think deeply about these questions.

Consider writing your responses to these questions on paper or in a word processor, since very often we can write ourselves to additional insights.

Questions to Identify External Obstacles

  • What is stopping you from studying for the bar exam?
  • What is stopping you from passing the bar exam?
  • What makes it hard to get your studying done?
  • What do you need to pass the bar exam that you don’t have right now?
  • When you have taken important tests in the past, what got in the way?
  • What one resource or tool would make all the difference if you had access to it?

Questions to Identify Internal Obstacles

  • How do you feel when you think about preparing for the bar exam?  Is it an emotion, a physical sensation, a memory, or something else?
  • If you are finding it hard to study, what do you gain from not studying?
  • If you are having trouble passing the bar exam, what do you gain from not passing?
  • What would you lose that is important to you if you spend time studying for the bar exam?
  • What is your critical, internal voice telling you about preparing for the bar exam?

Overcoming Obstacles

Now that you have identified various obstacles, do something to remove them.

You can remove many external obstacles by organizing your life in such a way that the obstacles are put on hold during your bar exam prep.  You might also pass off some responsibilities to another person during the time you will be studying for the bar exam.

Internal obstacles often take additional work to remove because they can be based on long-standing fears or self-judgment.  Try some of these exercises to help remove internal blocks to your success:

  • What resources do you need to overcome this obstacle? Where could you get them?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What is your worst-case scenario?  Why is that the worst-case?
  • Imagine that the obstacle is suddenly gone.  How does that change things?  How do you feel about the bar exam now?
  • If you have faced a similar obstacle before, how did you overcome it?

Sometimes, it can seem like your path to bar exam success is blocked by insurmountable obstacles, but with some introspection and contemplation, you can find ways to remove or go around those obstacles.



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