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These editable outlines come in Word format so that you can easily add your own notes or examples to them as you study. They include outlines for all 8 MBE topic areas, including Civil Procedure, which has been added to the MBE exam as of February 2015, as well as incorporation of changes to the Real Property outline effective February 2017.

You also get my MBE checklists, which are 2-3 page lists of the major topics in each MBE subject, to help with memorization.

I find the outlines very useful and time-saving rather than creating my own so that I can spend more time taking practice exams.


Your outlines are great.


Your outlines are well organized and include enough information without being too dense, exactly what I need.


I’ve always liked using outlines to organize my law school and bar exam learning.  It is a skill that helped me graduate first in my law school class and pass two bar exams.

I spent hours updating and reformatting these MBE outlines to be more user-friendly so you can quickly, and easily learn the material.

In addition, the outlines are in Word format for easy editing so you can add your own notes or revisions as you study for the bar exam.

The editable format saves you the time and tedium of typing your own bar exam outlines and gives you that much more time to study and memorize.

With your purchase, you get the following time-saving outlines:

Civil Procedure

Constitutional Law

Criminal Law

Criminal Procedure



Real Property


Click for a few sample pages from the Torts outline.

Look at is this way: 

If you value your time at a mere $10/hour, it would cost you at least $320 (8 outlines x 4 hours per outline) to prepare these outlines!

Since it took a lot of work to put these updated MBE outlines together, I am charging the nominal fee of only $57 $27, which is a lot less than the other guys charge and a small price to pay for so much time savings. 

I also have a couple of FREE bonuses for you:

BONUS 1:  In addition to the outlines, you get a free PDF copy of my book, Bar Exam Basics, to help you get ready for the bar exam.

BONUS 2: You also get a free Word version of my MBE checklists (aka, “attack sheets”) (click for a sample) which can help with your memorization and recall practice.

YES, I want all 8 newly-updated MBE outlines (Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Real Property and Torts) in editable Word format for only $27.

I understand that in addition to the outlines, I will get

  • a free PDF filled with bar exam advice; and
  • checklists for all 8 MBE subjects

I believe these outlines are the best supplemental outlines out there to help you study for the MBE. 

I stand behind these outlines 100%.

If you purchase these MBE outlines and decide they are not what you need to help you pass the bar exam, then please return them. You can return them for a full refund if you do so within 30 days of your purchase.  No questions asked.

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