Time to get this thing running again!

Time to get this thing running again!

In this episode of the podcast, I discuss common bar exam problems that can lead to bar exam failure.

The problems I discuss are issues I have noticed with bar exam coaching clients, from bar exam repeaters I’ve chatted with via email, and by reading posts by bar exam repeaters discussing what they had to change in order to finally pass.

The problems discussed are:

  • using too many bar prep books and supplements;
  • failure to practice;
  • wrong kind of practice;
  • getting lost in details;
  • watching lectures over and over; and
  • problems with schedule and routine.

The discussion of common bar exam problems you will hear in this podcast episode is taken from the new Bar Exam Mind Bar Exam Self-Evaluation Audio Program. The Program is designed to help bar exam repeaters diagnose what went wrong with the prior bar exam(s) and to correct those problems.

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