California Bar Exam Prep and Study Aids

This page lists bar exam prep courses and bar exam supplements targeted for the most difficult bar exam in the nation:  the California bar exam.

California Bar Exam Outlines

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Bar Exam Information

How to Study for the California Bar Exam for $500 or Less

California Bar Prep Course Decision Matrix

Essay Preparation Courses

Bar Exam Doctor

Writing Edge

Bar Essays – Real graded California bar exam essays (get a $15 DISCOUNT code here) – Essay Topic Study Guide ($20 DISCOUNT info here)

Fleming’s Bar Review (CA)

Books about the California Bar Exam

Melissa A. Gill and Tania N. Shah, What NOT to Write: Real Essays, Real Scores, Real Feedback (California Edition)

Whitney Roberts, The Bar Code (California focused, but might help with other states’ essays.)

James J. Rigos, Rigos California Essay Exam (Rigos Bar Review Series)

California Bar Exam Total Preparation Book

Jessica Klein, The Goat’s Guide: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing for the California Bar Exam on Your Own

National and California-specific Bar Prep Providers





Reed Bar Review

Rigos Bar Review

The Bar Code


Celebration Bar Exam

Supreme Bar Review

Bar Max

Fleming’s Bar Review

Bar Passers

Executive Bar Review

Bar None

Bar Secrets

Emerson’s Bar Review