handdrawn map of old boston

The world before Street View.

Visualization can help you remain calm in the face of stressful situations.

As part of your bar exam prep, I suggest that you visualize various situations that you will encounter while studying for and then taking the bar exam.

For instance, I have written about visualizing walking in to the bar exam testing area and remaining calm, among other things.

The more accurate your visualization is, the more effective it will be.

One way to increase the accuracy of bar exam-related visualizations is to have an accurate mental representation of the location where you will take the bar exam.

If you live near where the exam will be given, go down to the exam site a few weeks before the test. Walk around, get a feel for the place. Get to know the neighborhood near the testing site. Get comfortable.

But what if you don’t live anywhere near where you will take the bar exam?

Use Google Street View.

As you are probably aware, Google has sent camera trucks up and down every street (or almost every street) in America taking pictures of the buildings on those streets.

Use this to your advantage.

Go to Google Maps. Type in the address of the testing site, and then click on the street view function.

Get a sense for the color and size of the testing site building. Is it on a busy street or in the center of a huge parking lot?

Zoom in as close as possible. Pick out any details or landmarks you can use to enhance your visualization.

Then, look around the neighborhood. Look for some nearby restaurants to visit while on your lunch breaks during the exam.

If you will be staying at a nearby hotel, trace your walking path from the hotel to the testing site. What do you see? Is there a coffee shop you might want to stop at?

Google Street View technology is amazing. Use it.

PS – Don’t forget to check out my post about using videos to help with the visualization process.


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