I was recently speaking with a friend of mine who passed the California bar exam in July 2011.  She also used my bar exam book [when it was just an e-book] to help her while she studied for that test.

She told me she had just looked at my blog and liked the bar certificate visualization and the Google street view posts I did.

And, she told me about an awesome visualization tool that she used while studying for the bar.

Bar Pass List Visualization

She told me that she created an image of what she would see on her computer screen when she checked the bar results and saw that she had passed the California bar.

I think this is a great idea.  In my book, I talk about visualizing receiving your passing results, and wish I had thought to suggest creating something like this.  I guess I’ll have to put that in the second edition!

So, if you live in a state where you get your passing results online (which is probably everywhere these days), then why not create an image replicating what it will look like when you get the news you pass?

Here is a sample of what it might look like for those of you in California:

California bar exam pass list picture

(Click to download a Word version of this bar exam pass visualization that you can customize and print out.)

This visualization is something you can put on the wall where you study or on your bathroom mirror or even on your computer monitor when it is off.

Let me know if you try it.


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