Bar Exam Visualization Audio Program

Visualization works, just ask any professional athlete at the top of his or her game. Visualizing your performance as you want it to be makes it much easier to make that performance a reality.

This applies to the bar exam too.

In my book, Bar Exam Mind: A Strategy Guide for an Anxiety-Free Bar Exam, I spend an entire chapter talking about positive visualization and how it helps you calm nervousness and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your bar exam studying and testing performance.

In my book, I include seven visualization scripts to direct your bar exam visualization.

Now, you can get MP3 audio recordings of those scripts to listen to any time!




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When I took the Oregon bar exam, I remember walking into the exam room, seeing hundreds of nervous and even panicked people, and starting to feel nauseous. I quickly put my computer at my assigned seat and hurried back out of the room to get some fresh air and try to calm down.

That did not happen when I took the California bar exam eighteen months later. No nervousness. No incipient nausea. Just excited anticipation.


Because I spent a few minutes every day visualizing walking into that pressure-cooker testing area and remaining calm.

I also visualized increasing my studying efficiency and performing successfully on different portions of the bar exam.

And, most satisfyingly, I visualized receiving my passing bar exam results!



For only $35.00 $17.00, you get an instant digital download of seven high-quality MP3 audio recordings you can listen to on your computer, iPod, or smartphone.

You get recordings of the following scripts:

  • Script 1: Studying well and learning and retaining knowledge
  • Script 2: Walking into the bar exam testing room and remaining calm
  • Script 3: Writing a great essay
  • Script 4: Writing a great performance test
  • Script 5: Doing well on the MBE
  • Script 6: Receiving your passing results
  • Script 7: Attending the swearing-in ceremony

In addition to the seven visualization scripts, you will also receive:

  • An audio introduction about how to perform a proper visualization;
  • Transcripts of all seven visualization scripts; and
  • A free BONUS audio — a guided visualization designed to help you completely relax.  You can use it before your visualization sessions or anytime you are feeling stressed or anxious.

Here is what one bar passer said about the visualization audios:

I passed the Feb bar on my first attempt! I utilized the audio “visualizations/meditations” for the last 40 days of preparation and they were amazing. I also used the “waiting for results” visualization the entire last week of the results waiting period to calm me down. Great product. Thank you, C.L.




Still not sure these visualization scripts can help you on your path to bar exam success? Check out a sample to see if you like them. Just click the link below to play the sample in your default MP3 player.  (You can also right-click to save the MP3 file to your computer.)

Visualization Script no. 2: Walking into the bar exam and remaining calm.

The reason I am giving you this script as a sample is that I would have liked to have this one when I took the bar exam the first time. Even if you don’t buy the rest of the audios, I want you to have something of value for reading this far.

Finally, there is also a 30-Day No Hassle Money-back Guarantee. There is simply no reason not to buy.


Only $35.00 $17.00