Bar Exam Books

Bar Exam Mind shows you how to get your mind in top shape for the bar exam and get the mental edge you need to remain calm and focused while you study for and take the exam. The book also shows you the most productive ways to practice to perform your best on the bar exam.

Among other things, you will learn:

  • visualization techniques to remove bar exam fears
  • strategies to improve test-taking performance
  • how to use bar exam affirmations to increase self-confidence
  • what to eat to keep your mind and brain healthy and in peak condition for the bar exam
  • and much more!

Use Bar Exam Mind as a supplement to substantive bar preparation courses. You can either follow the 21-day learning program included with the book or choose to implement only the techniques you believe will be most beneficial to you.

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How to Write Bar Exam Essays provides a systematic and uncomplicated approach to learn how to write passing bar exam essays. In addition to being systematic, this book is also a quick read. Most bar exam essay books are huge tomes that take days of struggle to get through. This is unfortunate because the most important thing you can do to ensure you will pass the essay portion of the bar exam is to practice writing essays.

This book shows you how to practice the right way.

How to Write Bar Exam Essays begins with a chapter discussing the right mindset for bar exam preparation. It is important to have the right mindset so you can handle the inevitable highs and lows you will encounter while studying for the bar exam.

The next section of the book gets to the heart of the matter, discussing the four pillars of bar exam essay writing: (1) technical requirements; (2) issue spotting; (3) outlining and formatting; and (4) analysis.

How to Write Bar Exam Essays includes a detailed discussion of practice strategy and scheduling to ensure that your practice time is well spent. You can follow this method to the letter or use it as a basis for creating a practice method that works best for you.

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Bar Exam Basics: A Roadmap for Bar Exam Success is a collection of concrete, practical advice to help you pass the bar exam.

This book is your guide for navigating the path from law school graduate to bar exam passer.

The book begins by giving you ways to organize and take control of your life so that it is not taken over by bar exam preparation and its related stressors. Next, you will learn how to study for and pass the various parts of the bar exam: essays, MBE and performance tests. Finally, the book provides guidance on how to make the most of your last few weeks of bar exam studies and how to approach the bar exam test days themselves.

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If all you do is study, study, study, without spending time to assess the progress of your studies and how all the studying makes you think and feel about yourself and your future, you will not understand what is happening in your mind. Keeping a bar exam journal can help you gain this understanding.

The Bar Exam Mind Bar Exam Journal contains a detailed discussion of why journaling is so helpful and effective while you prepare for the bar exam. Then, the book provides you with a series of journaling exercises for you to complete while you are preparing for the bar exam. These exercises will help you work through any stress or anxiety you are having about the bar exam and enable you to clear your mind to focus on bar exam prep, rather than worries about your bar exam results.

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